St. Expedite candles and colors

Now, I love me some St. Expedite. He has almost never let me down.  Around here, we burn red candles to him, though I have heard some practitioners say they were taught to use yellow.  (I’ve never heard that from somebody who learned from a person rather than a book though.  I”m not sure where it came from or if it’s regional.  Would love to hear other St. Expedite traditions if readers have any.)

Anyway, in Harry Middleton Hyatt, a New Orleans informant talks about burning pink and blue candles to St. Expedite while praying to him.  The saint can be petitioned to “make your husband be good to you,” “for work, money,” to “open the way for you.”  The informant goes on to mention the pink and blue candles and say that these — apparently the color selection — are for “love, true love, and for what you want – in asking him for money and things, for true things, for him to do truthful for you.”*

This emphasis on truth isn’t common around here, nor is it common anymore from what I hear people say about him. Folks around here ask St. Expedite for anything — to clear obstacles quickly, for quick results, for help ending procrastination.  They are more likely to go to another saint for matters of love and truth.  Quite interesting.

I love this stuff.

* This is in v. 2, p. 1406.

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