What’s working in the “kitchen”

I have just finished a batch of “Love Me Now Powder” and it smells fantastic.  I won’t say what the ingredient that I’m so fond of is, but it just *smells* like love to me. Since this herb and essential oil’s focus is more on the “NOW” and the imperative voice part than the “Love” part, that might say something a little troubling about my own perspective these days — hope not! 

Tomorrow morning I finish the new batch of Kaliprix powder and get this custom order shipped.  (Powders take FOREVER to make.  Theyingredients must be powdered, and then the essential oils must be blended in, and then, since I don’t use talcum in my “sachet powders,” the base has to be powdered as well.)  Extremely time consuming, but boy does it feel like alchemy.  (Have you ever tried to reduce John the Conqueror root to a powder?  It requires a level of patience and detachment I don’t often attain!  Somebody donate a grist mill to the cause, why don’t you?  I’m getting tired of backing over them with the car.  That was a joke.)

While I’m on the topic, let me vent a little about ebay’s new rating system.  One of the categories on which sellers are now rated is “shipping time.”  Well, ALL of my listings say SPECIFICALLY that I ask five business days’ handling time.  When someone buys something already made, like a saint’s candle, I ship much sooner than that, but the majority of my listings are custom-finished or made to order (using real herbs and essential oils means that things lose potency and even spoil over time, and so I will not make a huge jar of an oil to sell dram bottles from). And then with the hand painted items — well, paint has to dry, and then things have to be sealed, and some of my painted stuff is fired before sealing.  Anyway, the point is, I have only three times that I can think of missed the 5-business-days mark, and in each case it involved a mojo bag.  The candle took longer to burn than expected, or the divination suggested an ingredient I had to rush order.  In these cases, I shipped on day six instead, after emailing the client to let him or her know there would be a delay and the cause of the delay.  So I get really annoyed when I get mediocre ratings on “shipping time.”  If you don’t like my shipping time terms, don’t order from me, dammit!  I ship as advertised, and in my never so humble opinion, I should be rated on meeting my published shipping times.  Especially don’t order a MOJO BAG or other thing involving putting something together on your behalf and then complain that I took too long to do it.  If you want speed over quality and personal attention, order from one of those Big Name Companies that will pluck one off the shelf for you, still wrapped in its cellophane, and slap it in the box for you.  [/rant]

I have a candle spell going for a client, and the flame has been burning high more often than not, and it has mostly been a good clean burn — all good signs for her working.  I was wary about offering these on ebay at first, just like I’m wary of offering readings on ebay (and still haven’t done it), because I have no way of knowing what kind of client I’m going to get, and not all of them are reasonable people.  But so far, so good.

The regular readings, on the other hand, I’m still way behind on.  Sigh.

Still deep in Hyatt material.  I love it.  You know what I would love even more?  Stories from you, dear readers, about things you or your family or someone you heard about does with/for/to saints.  Saints are my niche.  Actually, they will be one day, and in the meantime they’re a big interest.  I just found out last weekend that my grandmother, who is a devout Catholic and who does NOT engage in many of the less-than-orthodox practices HER mother engaged in, nevertheless buried a statue of St. Joseph to sell her home.  Now, I would have expected her to pray to St. Joseph, and to light a candle, and to have a statue, but I did NOT expect her to have buried his statue.  I wonder now if there are other things in her practice she was slow to share either because nobody asked or because she was aware that some of the more traditional Roman Catholic members of the family might have said, “You did WHAT with a statue of a saint?”

Anyway, she sold her house (counts on fingers) four years ago.  The image of my then-84 year old grandmother out in her yard with a shovel burying and then, later, after the house sold, digging up St. Joseph just blows my mind.

And this reminds me that I sent a batch of my St. Joseph oil to another rootworker for her critique and she never ever got back to me.  As she has a special and long term relationship with St. Joseph, I particularly wanted her opinion.  I hope this doesn’t mean she hated it and doesn’t want to hurt my feelings.

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