St. Michael

A few brief notes on St. Michael.

I have been working on a hoodoo  “home protection system” involving certain key ingredients sewn into a red flannel bag adorned with a holy card of St. Michael. They don’t look very good yet (I’m not much of a seamstress), but I like the *idea* and will eventually figure something out.  If I weren’t too lazy to do embroidery, the cards would look wonderful with satin stitch detailing over some of the clothing and maybe the sword…

I found a reference to a 40s era tidbit of folklore on St. Michael that involves a hotfooting type action; this is a reminder to myself to dig it up and post it.

Also, you might have to be registered here to view this article, but there’s a bit at Fortean Times about a mosaic from Palmyra that archaeologists speculate may have inspired the St. George legend. The mosaic shows Bellerophon killing a chimera.

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