June coupon code

I am moving in slightly over a month.  That means I need to make the final round of ebay store listings and get rid of some of this heavier stuff (oh boy would I love to sell out of candles before the move).

For the rest of June, readers should use coupon code


to receive 10% off ebay store orders.  If you don’t want to go through the store that’s fine too, just drop me a line.  (Anything at the store is available through my website checkout; I just don’t have the savvy or patience to keep the website updated.)

If you want candles, use the code


to get a 15% discount on glass-encased candles (seven day AND votive). 

In either case, place your order, request an invoice, and include the coupon code in the comment box of your request.

Sometime in July I’ll begin packing and taking things offline.  Some products might be offline for a month or so.

I am no longer accepting new clients for readings, because I’m swamped with orders and can’t keep up with them all in a timely manner.  I used to average a week per reading and I’m now averaging a month.  So if you want a reading it’s best to write first and inquire.

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