Feast of St. Cyprian (San Cypriano) – September 26

The end of September was a very busy time for me.  It was also a busy time for important saints’ feasts days.  Unfortunately, I fell down on the job with posting about them on the appropriate day, but I figure I’ll play a little catch up and you can mark your calendars for next year.

September 26 is the Feast day of St. Cyprian, who is popular today in Latin America, and was said to have been a sorcerer and magician before he was converted to Christianity in the late 200s or early 300s by St. Justina.

Those who work with Santisima Muerte in a careful way will often call on St. Cyprian or one of the archangels as they call on Santisima Muerte, for additional protection, as Santisima Muerte is considered by many to be a saint that is dangerous to call on by oneself, if one is uninitiated into her ways.  St. Cyprian is one of my favorite saints, and I have a nicho of him that was made by a folk artist and amateur anthropologist who is an expert in curanderismo.  A previous incarnation of one of my altars, showing the nicho, is my lj user icon for this post.

Both Cyprian and Justina died in 304.

The pre-Vatican II prayer said on St. Cyprian’s day is as follows:

Let Thy Blessed Virgin Martyrs, Cyprian and Justina, ever lend us strength and protection, O Lord, for Thou never ceasest to reward with mercy those to whom Thou  dost give such powerful aid.  Through our Lord, etc.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find it kind of hard to believe that St. Cyprian maintained a reputation for virginity. I mean, you can renounce your use of sorcery and get converted, but you can’t exactly take back that kind of act.  Well, who knows.

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