Oct 12, Feast of St. Edward the Confessor and Saint Edwin, Anglo-Saxon saints

From my 1956 Daily Missal:

St. Edward, King of England, was the model for Christian Kings.  He was called the “Father of the Poor,” to whom he distributed his worldly goods.  He died in 1066.  His body reposes in Westminster Cathedral.

Prayer: O God, Who didst crown Blessed King Edward, Thy Confessor, with the glory of Eternity, grant us, we beseech Thee, so to venerate him on earth, that we may be able to reign with him in heaven.  [etc]

St. Edward is the patron saint of kings, difficult marriages, difficult spouses, and long-distance relationships.  He was briefly the patron saint of England, but St. Michael has taken over that role.  It was during his reign that the custom of the king laying his hands on sufferers of scrofula in order to heal them originated; the disease was called “the king’s evil.”

A lesser known saint is Saint Edwin, who my “Birthday Book of Saints” refers to as a “Deposed, depressed Anglo-Saxon king… Patron of the homeless, hoboes, kings.”

He destroyed a few pagan temples once he got the new religion, built some churches, and put some water fountains out on roadways for travelers.  He was said to have brought peace and safety to the people.  He died in the Battle of Hatfield Chase in 633 (at the hands of a pagan king named Penda from Wales).

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