Nov 3, St. Martin de Porres and St. Winifred

St. Martin de Porres was born in Peru in the 17th century and is the patron saint of biracial people.  He was famous for bilocation, that is, being able to be in two places at once, a trick I wish I could master.  In Mexico, he’s sometimes called on for matters of “True Love;” in Peru, he’s the patron saint of television, though St. Claire gets that honor in most countries.  You’ll know his image because he’s portrayed as a dark-skinned man with a broom.  Legend has it that he could communicate with animals telepathically, so I think he’s a good candidate for the patron of pet psychics, too.  He’s known as the first black saint of the Americas (his father was Spanish and his mother a freed black slave).

St. Winifred was a Welsh virgin who was decapitated in the 7th century by a frustrated suitor.  After she was decapitated, another saint (Beuno, her uncle) put her head back on and she lived for another few years.  She was an immensely popular saint in medieval times, and you can learn more about her by watching “Cadfael,” a series of shows made after Ellis Peters’ medieval mystery stories featuring Brother Cadfael (the coolest monk EVER).  Her relics were removed to Shrewsbury, but the well that sprang up at the site of her decapitation is still visited by pilgrims in Wales.

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