a prayer of the Santisima Muerte

This prayer was translated from Spanish (not by me), and is of the Intranquil Spirit variety:

Jesus Christ the Conqueror, who on the cross was conquered, conquer (name of person), that he be conquered with me in the name of the lord if you are a fierce animal tame as a lamb, tame as the flower of romero; you must come; you ate bread, of him you gave me and through the most strong word that you gave me, I want that you bring me (name of person), that he be humbled, defeated at my feet to complete what to me he has offered.  Santisima Muerte, I beseech you lovingly inasmuch as Immortal God formed you with your great power over all mortals so that you might place them in the celestial sphere where they may enjoy a glorious day without night for all eternity and in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I pray and I beseech you that you deign to be my protectress and that you concede all the favors that I ask of you until the last day, hour and moment in which your Divine Majesty commands to take to before your presence.  AMEN.

In other news, Santisima Muerte is getting a facelift in Mexico City.

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