For those of you who have received packages from me, I have a question.

In every order I ship, I send these little colorful laminated cards with (last batch) ancestors, saints, and medals or (this batch) saints on them, with the blog address and ebay store address on the back. 

I love them, and I kind of liked the idea of a sort of series of collectable devotional images rather than business cards, but they’re quite expensive, much more expensive than a regular business card, and I’m going through a lot more of them lately, so I thought I’d ask aloud…

Do you notice them?  Have you ever probably thrown away an envelope with one in the bottom and not known it was there due to its being so tiny?  If you notice them, do you keep them, or do you toss them (or do they get lost in the bottom of your bag)?  Do you like them better than business cards or do you not really care one way or another?

I’m trying to decide if I should go with something larger and/or cheaper, or if people actually like them and keep them.  If people do like them, I’m open to suggestion on images for the next run, as it’s time to make the order soon.

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