response to client query on free will in love workings

A client wants her man to commit, but on the other hand doesn’t want to force him to do anything; he should be loving her and committing to her because he wants to, not because she forced him to, right?

Well, in my opinion, this goes back to something I said a bit earlier in an email — he might love you all day long but have a different idea of how he wants to live that love.  You’re likely working on two different levels (at least).  You may not have the same way of behaving, the same way of expressing love; also, it may be that there are reasons besides his love for you or lack of it that are shaping his behaviors.  Is this making sense?  So when you talk about free will, really, you can get someone to fall in love with you, but you can’t make them a better or different person than they are with a love spell, you know?  You can keep a man coming back with all the love he has to give, but if it isn’t much love that he’s got in him, you’ll be repeating that spell every month for as long as you feel like having him around.  Now if the love really is there and he’s not one of those kinda dead soulless types who doesn’t love deeply, then all you’re doing is giving him a nudge in a direction he might go in anyway if his head weren’t in the damned way, know what I mean? (or his wallet, or his baby momma, or his job, or his fears, or whatever it is that is influencing his behavior).  If you have to really, truly force him, you’ll have to really truly force him on a regular basis.  Work like that has to be maintained.  [ref. other priorities getting in the way]  If you don’t know what that is, you might consider a reading on it so you can find out and do that work.  If you do know what that is, work on that too.  It’s not a question of him not loving you – it’s a question of his priorities and other stuff going on in his life.  Work on THAT.

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