an instance of conjure in Georgia

From Roland Steiner, “Observations on the Practice of Conjuring in Georgia.”  The Journal of American Folklore 14.54 (1901): 173-180.

“I was cunjered last May, 1898.  I felt the first pain, hoeing in the field; it struck me in the right foot…and rested in my head ; I went home, and knew I was cunjered.  I looked for the cunjer, found a little bag under my front doorstep, containing graveyard dirt, some night-shade roots, and some devil’s snuff, took the bag, and dug a hole in the middle of the public road, where people walked and buried the bag, and sprinkled red pepper and sulphur in my house.  I have used fresh urine, pepper, and salt to rub with; am going to get fresh pokeberry root on the next new moon, make a tea, and rub with it.  My feet feel hot, the cunjer done put a fire in them.” (p. 177)

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