a different sort of question from a “customer”

I have been very lucky and blessed in my work with the public so far, and have met and done work for some truly remarkable people.  I am grateful for this, and 99.9% of my work with the public (ie, not referrals from the working in-group friend/acquaintance network).  The overwhelming majority of my client questions come from great clients who care about the answers and are invested in working *with* me to work on their own lives and needs.

Every once in a while I get jerks, crackpots, and/or people with axes to grind.  A few months ago I got an ebay “question” which was a request by a Roman Catholic to stop selling saints images next to things that mention voodoo.  I decided to delete that one  before it went any further than it already had.

Recently, I got a “question” from an ebayer, re. my bone protection cross, asking questions about what it was made of (I didn’t say, but I did say what it was not made of in direct response to part of the question).  I then got a response that read,

“2nd question. huo-duo is not voodoo… it is dark and would have no belief in crosses. I don’t get your confusion?”

Head, meet desk. Face, meet palm.

Yeah… so you know that bit on my user info page about how some stuff makes me testy?  This makes me testy.  It probably shouldn’t.  I should by rights be immune to this kind of foolishness after 20 years of reading for and working with others on spiritual matters.  Alas, I’m not — I think largely because I see so much HARM being done by ignorant recirculation of harmful myths, and I feel frustrated that people will perpetuate BS that they don’t even bother to investigate, and I feel angry and hurt that my religion and my practices are smeared and slandered by ignorant people who can’t bother to get educated and who try to lecture the practitioner rather than ask a question. 

So, you know by now I’m not your shiny happy rainbow reader and rootworker.  I’m also not a gossiper who will spread my clients’ personal info around (though I WILL repost client questions about practice and materials with identifying info removed, and I will say “one time I had the 3 of Swords turn up next to the Sun” etc, with no personal info given).  But I’m also human, and a passionate serviteur and practitioner, and furthermore take my reputation as a rootworker and reader and bishop quite seriously. And this makes me MAD, and I reserve the right to be upset as a fallible human being who gives a damn.

That is all.

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