St. Michael and St. George from Hyatt

(St. Michael?)

Yeah, that’s correctly. Well, yeah, there’s a Saint Michael, see. That’s a saint that is coming from something like heaven with two swords in his hands. See, there’s St. George, he’s coming with two swords on his horse. All right. St. Michael – you use a red candle to St. Michael. Do you get the idea about that? All right. And St. George, you uses a blue candle to St. George. Get the idea about it? And you use that blue candle for nine days – as one candle burn out, you light another one – for nine days, continue on nine days. And those candles do most anything that you want them to do.

(You just light the candles and make the wish to them?)

Make a evil wish to do that. Tell him what to do and mean it – with a evil ‘vironment, and then after that, you cuss it. You get the idea about that?

[New Orleans, LA; Informant # 840 – Dr. Caffrey; Cylinders A447:8-454:1 =1263-1270.]

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