moving candle spell

moving candle spell
Originally uploaded by Karma Zain

The bizarre effect produced by the candles obscuring the faces is unfortunate, but I don’t have the savvy to digitally obscure the faces, so I did it manually for this shot to protect my client’s privacy. In any case, I wanted to put this photo up as I’ve had a few clients request instructions on how to do moving candle spells lately, and it’s easier to refer to a picture than to explain it by typing.

This is day one of the spell. Over the course of seven days, the middle candle moves toward the client’s, in the circle, and the “interloper’s” candle, the black one, moves toward the edge of the table (eventually ending up swept off the table and into that white bowl, which contains water gathered from a nearby stream).

Yes, those are bottlecaps. Much more honest than little $5 crystal heart-shaped candle holders, phhttt…. I do *practical* magic….

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