Dear readers and customers,

I am SWAMPED.  Every time I take a week’s “vacation” it ends up taking me two weeks to get caught up.  I am very grateful for your patience right now; I have a lot of orders in house, many of them custom, to process, and I have a lot of readings backlogged.  In fact, I believe I am going to have to stop offering readings again, at least until I can get caught up — at the rate I’m going, that could be six weeks.

None of this means I don’t want to help you with custom mojo bags, candles, bottles, etc.  It just means I beg your indulgence as I take the time I need to do your work right.  Also, the weather here in my new city means that the creation process for several types of items has had to change.  In fact, I’ve begun several things this week (that involve painting and drying) that aren’t working out like they used to.  I will never do a half-assed job on your order.  It may, however, take me a tad bit longer than it used to as I scramble to get caught up.

Much love and many blessings,


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