and Haitian crises

A portion of the proceeds from my voodoo rosaries goes to support, an organization that works to deliver critical services to Haiti’s poor. 

As you are probably aware, there has recently been a food crisis in Haiti, resulting in riots in Port-au-Prince, increased starvation and malnourishment, and political upheaval.  This is a tragic turn of events in an already poverty-stricken area. has been providing financial and educational services to help Haitian women and their families through low-cost alternative loans, microfinance programs, and literacy and accounting training.  Fonkoze  recently got a grant to help provide increased access to healthcare to Fonkoze clients.  Earlier this spring, Nicole Muller Cesar joined Fonkoze as Director of Health. She is a native of Haiti and founder of the Institute of Human and Community Development. She has a background as a health specialist and social services provider.

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