limited time readings on ebay

I have a couple of Tarot readings up on ebay. They are up for a thirty day listing, but they will not stay up for the whole thirty days.  My semester starts again on the 20th and I will be teaching a class I’ve never taught before as well as learning a new language; also, I owe four readings right now that take precedence over anything that gets ordered in the next few days on ebay.  Therefore, I will take these down when I begin to be too busy with school, and I am unlikely to offer any more until my Christmas break.

So if you have been wanting a reading, order NOW would be my advice.  Having readings in a queue for a while stresses me out; I don’t like to take orders for them when I’m too busy to do them right away, so I simply won’t take anymore when these are done until pressure in other areas of my life has lifted.



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