another trick for getting a job – st. anthony

St. Anthony is fo’ work. St. Anthony if yo’ wish tuh find lost articles or yo’ wanta git a job. All right, lak if yo’ got an idea of what person yo’ wanta work fo’,  yo’ git de name of dis person an’ yo’ write it three times. Put chure name straight across three times above his. Den yo’ take an’ you fold it three [demonstrates], make three folds lakdis – dis way, dat way, an’ yo’ turn it dat way.

(Fold it towards you.)
Dat’s right, always towards yo’.
(You fold it three times – when you begin to fold it, you fold it sideways three times.)
See, yo’ fold it lak dis [demonstrates].
(Once, twice, and the third time you fold it toward you.)
(You fold it twice sidewise like that?)
But not from you.
(And the third you fold it to you?)
Dat’s right.

Now, yo’ put dis in a small, any kind of bag or in any kind of a piece of cloth. Put it in yore right-foot shoe.

Now, dere’s a powder dat chew use – ah make it mahself, but ah git de ingredients from a druggist roun’ heah. Ah don’t know if he’ll give yo’ de ingredients or not. But anyway, ah git de ingredients from him an’ den ah mix it. Dere’s steel dust in it, dere’s cinnamon in it, dere’s powder of de cactus – powdered cactus.

Yo’ mix dose three ingredients together an’ yo’ put dat in yore shoe, jes’ a good pinch, an’ dat’s gonna bring yo’ all de success in de way of gittin’ a job dat chew want.

(Do you have any special name for that dust?)
Oh, yes. Ah call it luck for jobs – it’s a grayish-lookin’ dust.

(Well, now, does St. Anthony come into that any way?)
Yes, St. Anthony is de one – ah’m fixin’ tuh come tuh him about dat candle. Den yo’ git a brown candle. Yo’ light it befo’ St. Anthony an’ make yo’ promise, if yo’ git dis job, yo’ll give so much fo’ his bread fo’ de po’. Yo’ jes’ go an’ drap it in de church or somepin lak dat. An’ when yo’ git dis job, don’t fo’git tuh do dat.

Dat’s essential dat yo’ keep dat promise. Yo’ll see, yo’ git mo’ work den yo’ want.

(Do you use a brown candle for any special reason for St. Anthony?)
On ‘counts his brown habit.

– Algiers, LA, Madame Lindsey; Hyatt Vol 2, pp. 1503-1504

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