oil bottle sizes

I have had a couple of customers ask me for larger bottles of oils lately, which I’m always happy to do.  ANY of my oils, powders, etc are available in larger sizes – I just haven’t had the time to put up individual listings for different sizes.  So FYI, if you want more than one dram of Fiery Wall oil, ask me to put up a listing for you – a half ounce bottle will cost you less than buying a half ounce worth of one-dram bottles of oil.  A good bit less.

I have been thinking, lately, of getting rid of the one dram bottle size and selling half ounce bottles instead, saving the one drams for spell kits and for accompanying mojo bags.  The reason I haven’t done it yet is that my half ounce oils are a bit more expensive than I suspect many people would want to spring for, esp. if they haven’t used my products before and/or are new to hoodoo oils.  The *reason* my oils are more expensive than those of many others who make traditional, herb-filled and essential-oil-based formulas involves a few factors, but one of those is the fact that ebay’s fees take such a gouge out of the selling price, and I sell primarly on ebay (if you order from my website, you will pay less, but my website doesn’t have a shopping cart functioning right now and I don’t know when I will have time to fix that – so you have to send me a list and I then send you a paypal invoice).  Then there are paypal fees. 

Now, in terms of MY costs, the actual bottles themselves are a huge factor in my pricing.  And the difference between a one dram bottle’s cost and a half-ounce bottle’s cost is pretty negligible.  So you, the customer, save money when you buy larger bottles, and larger bottles actually take me less time to make up, because the herbs fit inside better and require less poking to get them to cooperate and sit neatly inside the bottle.  So part of this post is to say, if you want more than one bottle of oil, you should take a sec to ask me to list a larger bottle for you instead of buying little bottles, and you will save money.  The other part is to wonder out loud what those of you who read this and buy oils from me would be interested in seeing in terms of bottle size. 

Simply creating a new listing for a larger size of all my formulas may be the simplest solution, but it’s not a solution I have time to implement right now.  I really, really need an assistant to handle the packing, taping, labeling, inventory, stapling end of things, but right now I don’t have that, so I have to do every bit of this myself.  So before I invest any more time that I barely have right now to revamping my listings, I figured I would ask for input if anybody has any.

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