bones and charms and unusual stuff I have right now

I have an entire black cat foot for auction on ebay – I usually sell the foot bones for $5-$10 apiece, and I don’t get them very often because those tiny bones are such a pain in the butt to get, never mind prepare (when I clean these, they get most of their cleaning by being buried, and I always run the risk of having them dug up and chewed on.  My little black dog got the last batch of itty bones I had buried, and while they were in tupperware which was pierced, that didn’t stop him for more than a second – so I lost a lot of them.  Silly mutt.  )

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with cat anatomy, this foot, should you want to take it apart, would provide you with four small foot bones (small enough for a mojo bag – not small enough for a gau pendant); several tiny miscellaneous foot bones (ankle and claw); and ten really tiny toe bones (small enough for a gau pendant).  If you use a lot of bones this is a good opportunity to nab a bunch of hard-to-find small bones.  Personally, I hate to take it apart, though, as a whole black cat foot is said in some circles to be hardcore gambling and luck mojo that can hardly be beat.  And they are seriously hard to get.

I’m still working on the taxidermied feet if you were one of those in the market for one.  I hope to have at least four in the next few months.  I do have some teeth from a white dog, some black dog hair, some skin from a copperhead (I like poisonous snakes’ skin for the nastier mixtures), and the paw of a white cat (taxidermied), some graveyard dirt from a soldier, and a couple of human tarsals I’m making necklaces out of if you’re in the market for some weirder stuff.  I’ve been working on an ancestor box with a black cat skull for nearly a year now; it should be finished soon, in which case I’ll post pictures.  I haven’t made one of these in nearly eleven years, so I’m excited to see hwo it turns out.

I’m also working on some "stuffed" leg bones – leg bones are much easier for me to get, so I have been experimenting with cutting the ends off and stuffing them full of herbs and powders.  It’s a pain in the ass but it’s getting a little easier, and I am working on how to make necklaces out of them once stuffed.

I also have a few black hen eggs that I have hollowed out and filled with goofer dust (one) and hot foot powder (two), primed for throwing at an enemy’s house.  I really don’t know how well these are going to ship, so if I list them, insurance is probably going to be required.

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