black cat bones

Ok, let me just take a moment to register my continued appreciation for black cat bone work.  I can’t really say more as it’s a client situation that is ongoing, but after eighteen years of working regularly with black cat bones, those darned things still manage to surprise me sometimes.

Don’t underestimate the power of black cat bone work.

I’m currently working on a lottery / money paket for a client, and it’s going to have a black cat bone attached to the outside (rather than put inside with the other herbs and curios) — the reason for this is that, in my opinion and experience, these bones need to be handled, oiled, and fed.  Burying them inside a jar full of herbs isn’t quite the way to go  — these little buggers like to see what’s up, like to get around, like to be carried places, like to be fed and handled, like occasionally to see the moonlight.  Hell, I carry one of my original ones around in my purse in a flannel bag with a couple of other items – I’ve been feeding it since 1990 and this might sound silly, but we have a relationship.  So the bone for this paket will be on the outside so she can feed it a little drink of whiskey now and then.  It’s a relationship worth cultivating, I think; if the black cat bone can work for you like it appears to be working for my client after only a short time, think what you can do with one you keep around for a good long while.

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