December shipping special / coupon code (I didn’t neglect Canada or Greece this time!)

From now through December 7th, I’m offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50.  If you are in the market for heavier stuff like candles, you can save yourself some real money this way.  This applies ONLY to continental US shoppers, I’m sorry.  Just request a combined invoice and type DECFREESHIP in the comment section.

If you are one of my customers in Canada or outside North America
, I’m sorry that I can’t offer this shipping special, but I would certainly go broke.  In its place, though, I would like to offer you a 10% discount on orders totalling $50 or more, from now through December 7th.  Just request an invoice and put DEC10% in the comment section.

I appreciate everyone who trusts me with their business and everyone who reads and comments on this blog, so I hope this is a small way to say thanks.

My semester ends December 20th, and I will have several weeks to focus on updating product listings, making new jewelry, and not least of all catching up on the readings that are queued up, many of which I have owed for months (yes, there are still at least six people queued up).  The next few weeks are very busy for me, both because of school and because the holiday season is always a little hectic for the store with gift and custom orders, so I do very much appreciate your patience is shipping and correspondence take just a little longer than usual right now.  The lines at the post office are getting longer!

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