a set of reader questions

A reader asks for ways to get rid of enemies, aside from the trusty old hotfoot formulas (of which there are more than you can shake a stick at). 

Some folks say that you should say the 48th Psalm every Monday facing sunrise, adding these words: "In de Name of de Father, Son an’ Holy Ghost, my enemies dat workin’ against me, seekin’ after my soul, shall come down." If you want these enemies to stay far away, mention that in the heartfelt prayer you say before the closing bit. 

Now St. Michael the Archangel is probably my favorite for protection work, but I know not everybody is into saints and angels.  But if you are in trouble, St. Michael is a good one to have on your side, so don’t dismiss him outright – give him a chance!  If enemies are bothering you in your neighborhood or place of work, hang a flannel packet full of Guinea Grains, with a holy card or medal of St. Michael attached, over your doors.  If they are at a distance, write their names and place the paper under the foot of his statue, or just light a novena candle to him and pray for protection.  Nahnee, the Boss of Algiers, one of my favorite old-school Hyatt informants, said you should write your enemy’s name on the back of St. Michael’s picture, turn the picture so it’s facing the wall, and set a red light while praying for St. Michael to take charge.

Another Hyatt informant from the same neighborhood says you should get a little sword and dress it with oil of clove and oil of cinammon and keep it in your pocket.  Hold onto when you speak to your enemy, and speak sternly and with self confidence.  You should have a red light set at home when you do this, too, ideally.

There are some container spells that don’t always involve typical hotfoot ingredients in which the enemy is basically bottled up (or coconuted up, or mirror-boxed up) and thrown onto railroad tracks or in a moving river to get them away from you.  A lot of them do involve hotfooting ingredients; there’s a definite crossover.  Some involve "drive ’em crazy" type of ingredients too.  I have seen lemons used for something similar, lemons and coconuts, which are filled with restlessness-inducing ingredients and sent away from the worker or petitioner.

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