back in town

I’m back from my trip, and appreciate your patience as I get caught up on comments, questions, and emails.

For those of you new to my blog, please keep in mind that I get between 20-40 questions/emails A DAY related to readings, services, products, potential altar work, and current altar work between livejournal, my website, ebay, and third party sites. I try to respond to all emails within 48 hours, but I can’t always, especially when I need to spend my time making and packaging orders (and catching up on those readings I owe).

If you have a quick question about a product (ie, "is this good for getting rid of an enemy,") then ebay messaging is probably the best way to go. If you have a question about altar work for a specific situation in your life and you need to explain it to me and I need to write back responding to the details of your specific case, your email may take a day or two. I do not mind answering emails. It just takes time 🙂

If you have a question like "What is the best way to get started with working with the loa," or "What is the doctrine of signatures," you are probably going to have to wait for a blog entry, if there isn’t one already.

In the meantime, remember that there is a sale until tomorrow, the Feast of Epiphany (or Three Kings), on many oils in my ebay store.

And here are my mother’s Three Wise Men making their way over to the nativity scene, to arrive at the manger on the Epiphany.  Don’t mind the little mouse.  He’s just along for the cookies.

three wise men
Originally uploaded by Karma Zain

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