painted saints medals

I don’t have time to do these when the semester is in full swing, and I just got an order for two, so I’m going to sit down and paint a bunch of them all together – it saves time this way.  So if you’ve had your eye on a hand-painted saints medal, or even have been thinking about one, go ahead and let me know.  If you aren’t ready to buy it, that’s fine – but if I don’t paint it this week it won’t get painted anytime soon.  I can do certain color schemes upon request – just ask.

Medals I’ll be painting this week:

St. Expedite
Sacred Heart
OL of Czestochowa
St. Claire
St. Lazarus or St. Peter

Here are some I’ve done before

hand painted saints medals

They’re $11 through ebay, $10 direct through paypal.  Again, if you even think you might want one later this year, go ahead and speak up now.  I won’t get a case of the ass if I paint it and it sits around for a while – I’ll just leave it on the appropriate altar until you want it.

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