this weekend’s Full Moon headwashings, baths, and service

Yesterday was a wonderful, exhilarating, exhausting, very long day.  We began service to the loa at 1 p.m., and headwashings and spiritual baths at 3 p.m. which continued nonstop until about midnight.  Following that, we did a house cleansing for the hosts of the event who kindly offered their space for the event, and I finally got home at 1:30 a.m.  Yes, folks, that is NINE solid hours of administering headwashings and spiritual baths.  I am very tired.

I do these marathon events about twice a year, and I consider them part of my ecclesiastical work and do not charge for them.  They are funded by sales from my ebay store, and sometimes helped along by donations and offerings from attendees.  I would like to thank everyone who participated and who gave what they could, be it a bottle of rum or a bottle of salt, to help our local spiritual community.  Thanks especially to the help of Tau Dositheos, Tau Heosphoros, Tau Peristera, and Sister M, without whom this event simply wouldn’t have manifested like it did.

I am unlikely to do another of these until the summer, but I learned a huge lesson from this one, which is to start planning well in advance and to require an RSVP; I can’t plan adequately for the supplies we’ll need if I don’t know how many people to expect.  Furthermore, I’m going to be a little less shy about making it clear that donations are welcome – though there is not and never will be a charge for attending these. To that end, I’m putting up a paypal donation button on the userinfo page of this journal, and plan to work with my local group on putting together some guidelines so it’s clearer what to expect at these.

I hope to have pictures coming soon.

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