custom ghuede/ancestor box

This is nearly finished (something unique to this loa and therefore not for public consumption still needs to be added), but I wanted to photograph it because it’s a new "feel" for me on a Ghuede box – less flash, more Victorian, more "mourning cabinet" type of thing. 

This is NOT for sale; it’s a custom piece.

One thought on “custom ghuede/ancestor box

  1. I really love your Ancestor art. I have done something similar with my ancestors by making mini shrines dedicated to eacj spirit on my Ancestor altar. It is cool to see another artist who honors their beloved dead by making art for them. Your work is beautiful and elegant. I especially like the different size flowers. I feel kinda dumb not thinking about adding such a lovely detail to my own shrines. I think flowers might be the element that has been missing from them, actually so thank you for sharing your artwork . It has inspired me out of the stagnant funk i have been in for too long because i couldn’t figure out what my shrines were missing. Bless you!;)


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