reminder and new rosaries

Just a reminder that the reading raffle purchase button will go down at midnight EST. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

I made a Mary Magdalene rosary this weekend; I wish I had more of these AB beads – they really look nice.

The photos didn’t turn out too well – I seem to have adjusted something on my camera and not realized it, and I haven’t been able to fix it yet. In any case, here’s the accompanying text:

This rosary is completely handmade, bead by linked bead. It features seven "decades" of seven glass beads each in a rich red with an aurora borealis finish. Each "decade" is marked by a Murano style pink foil heart-shaped glass bead. Centerpiece is a rare solid brass cast cross with a heart-shaped loop at the bottom. This centerpiece was cast from an antique original from Latin America, estimated to be 19th century (the piece itself is a new reproduction cast from a mold made from the original). Terminates in a bronze-toned pendant with a red "stone" (I believe it is resin rather than stone).

The Magdalene rosary is prayed in honor of Mary Magdalene, a follower of Christ and, in the tradition of saints, the patron of penitents, apothecaries, converts, hairstylists, and "Fallen Women."

In the esoteric Christian tradition, she is said by some to be the bearer of the Holy Grail (and some mean, by that, the Royal bloodline of the Christ on earth). I’m not here to get into arguments about Grails, Templars, or conspiracies, but Mary Magdalene nonetheless had an important role in the ushering in of the new spiritual age during Christ’s lifetime, and I made this rosary in honor of her role, her power, and her devotion. Whether or not you believe the stories about the Magdalene being involved with the Holy Grail, her story has allegorical power; she represents the fire of Divine Love, the passionate yearning of the heart for union with the divine.

In the Biblical Song of Songs, the passionate sexual union of the bride and bridegroom has been seen as an allegory for the passionate soul who eschews all other loves for the Sacred Eros, the fire of Divine love that burns away mortal, material concerns and pursuits and purifies the soul with sensual fire.

Richard Crashaw, a Renaissance poet who wrote devotional lyric poetry, writes of Mary Magdalene’s tears turning into ruby gems:

Such the maiden gem
By the wanton spring put on,
Peeps from her parent stem,
And blushes on the watery sun :
This watery blossom of thy eyne
Ripe, will make the richer wine.

This rosary can be prayed for spiritual union as part of a regular meditation and esoteric prayer practice. It can also be prayed for oneself or on behalf of others for exorcism, purification, and freedom from negativity. The passion of the Sacred Eros is as a cleansing fire; as Mary Magdalene had demons driven from her body by the power and touch of the Christ, so this rosary is a tool to drive away negative energies and entities with the fire of Divine Union.

Many esoteric Christians consider the Magdalene an embodiment of the Sacred Feminine.

Entire piece is about 20" inches long from end to end. Decade loop is app. 17.5".

The Mary Magdalene rosary is no longer for sale.

I also made a Chaplet of Our Lady’s Tears, also completely "from scratch":

This chaplet is completely handmade. It features seven sets of seven glass heart-shaped beads separated by Czech glass cathedral beads. The centerpiece is a sterling silver sacred heart medal, cast from an antique, late 19th century original. Terminates in a gorgeous and detailed pendant with a carnelian gemstone center. Bail is stamped .925. Absolutely one of a kind.

Entire piece is about 16" long from end to end. Decade loop is app. 11". Has a lobster clasp if you want to wear it.

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