new formulas ~ esoteric and biblical

Finally posted some new formulas I"ve been working on for a while; they’re part of a new "line" of biblical/esoteric oils. These are generally made in a high-quality olive oil base and contain herbs and essences prized from Biblical times to the present.  The ingredients in many cases are expensive as hell and in some cases are extremely hard to find, so we’ll see how this goes.

I’ve put many, many hours of research, blending, and supplier tracking-down into these and I’m excited to finally have them available.

Beauty for Ashes — This is a biblical anointing oil for blessing and healing.  In this vein, Beauty for Ashes oil is used for emotional and spiritual comfort and healing.  It can be used to help the homesick or imprisoned, to help those who are bereaved or are facing bereavement, or to help those who are heartbroken.  Many people find this oil helpful when they are facing major life transitions, and when they are ready for new beginnings and fresh starts, when it’s time to let go of the weight of the past and move forward.

Victory — This is a biblical anointing oil made of a dozen different precious oils, herbs, and resins.  Used for help in overcoming trials and tribulations; use for "grace under fire."

Plagues of Egypt — This is a biblical anointing oil for calling down Divine Justice and Wrath.  It has some really nasty stuff in it and you should keep it away from your eyes and mouth.  This is the nastiest cursing oil I make, but it’s not to be used to randomly mess with people over minor things.  This oil is for severe cases of injustice and severe wrongdoing.  Recall the Moses served as a channel for the Lord’s power in sending the plagues to Egypt, in order to persuade Pharaoh to free the Israelites from slavery.  Don’t tempt the powers that be by calling plagues down on your neighbor for parking on your side of street, folks.

Water of Life —
This is a biblical anointing oil for blessing, protection, prophecy, healing, and hope.    This oil is used for removal of curses, removal of spiritual darkness, peace and healing, and for the gift of prophecy and angelic communication.

Queen Esther — This oil is *awesome.*  I can hardly stop smelling it, and I am not the kind of person that wears scent for the sake of wearing scent.  If I knew how to make a body wash out of this, I would.  Queen Esther underwent a lengthy process of preparation and beautification before she was ready to see the King; her Book describes perfumes and oils of myrrh and sweet flowers.  This formula contains many biblical essences used for centuries for beautification, to increase attraction and glamour, and incite passion.  Those who read the Book of Esther allegorically use this sort of formula as a blessing oil for any special occasion in a woman’s life, such as engagement, marriage, or the start of any new important undertaking.  In esoteric practice, some read Esther as the soul and the King as the Lord; thus this formula can be used for ritual, prayer, and devotion when you are preparing to approach the Divine (in other words, not just for "women only.")

Nataph — This is a biblical anointing oil.  The Hebrew word Nataph means "to ooze" (like resin from a tree), "to drip" (like water); by extension, it refers to prophecy, inspired speech, and the voice of the Lord.  Use for divination and vision work, to encourage celestial messages, for work requiring fluency and effective language, or as a reminder of the power of the Word.

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