custom mojo bag or paket raffle

Happy Spring, folks!

Yesterday, a bunch of folks gathered at a local power-spot to to inaugurate this year’s series of outdoor magical and energy workings that various local folks and affiliated groups get together to do (quite a few traveling in from out of town this time). We get together throughout the year for various things, but we really get the juju kicking in this spot, so Spring is always exciting, as we can start working outdoors in thsi power spot again while the weather cooperates. Many of the flora there are endangered and exist in the area only in the peculiar geography of this mountain. As such, I don’t gather much in the way of materia magica there, as I try to be sensitive to its delicate ecosystem. But I did carefully gather a few loose stones and three very small pinches of herbs yesterday while hiking up to our "altar rock."

I’m raffling off a custom mojo bag which will be made with these materia magica. Yes, custom – that means you tell what you need in the way of a mojo bag and I make it, one of a kind, extra special, just for you. These take me between several days and several weeks to do up right, depending on the situation; when your bag is ready, I’ll ship it to you with a one dram bottle of oil, also customized to go with your mojo bag. If you prefer a paket or spell bottle or other container spell, I can do that too. Mojo bags and pakets can be made for any magical or spiritual intention, and they can also be made as altar pieces for your work with any number of spirits, saints, or loa. Examples of bags and pakets I’ve made just in the past couple of months:

Crown of Success
St. Michael
Fiery Wall of Protection
Spiritual Power
Money Drawing
St. Jude
Psychic Vision
.. the possibilities are dizzying, and yes, you can combine more than one thing in most cases. (If you’re not sure, write first and ask. My bellsouth email is currently still screwed up, but you can leave a comment here, anonymously or not, if you have a q about this raffle.)

Above are samples of mojo bags I’ve made before – I do have a few of these silk brocade bags if you prefer one of those to the traditional flannel.

Above are examples of spell bottles, hand painted and customized, and then filled with appropriate herbs and curios.

Want your mojo in a pendant to wear? No problem. Need a cat bone or other rare or expensive ingredient? No problem.

Want a paket made around the candle glass container after I set an altar light for your petition? No problem. (votive size only, sorry)

Tickets are $1. If you win, you could get a sweet one of a kind spiritual item, custom made for you, for a song. These sorts of things generally run from $25-$200 depending on the size, complexity, and ingredients needed for the work. The raffle will run from now until March 28, midnight, EST. I will notify the winner via email on March 29, and post his or her initials and location here as well.  The winner and I will then communicate about the details of the bag or paket – no need to try to go into it in depth in that tiny little paypal comment box 🙂


Proceeds from this raffle, should there be any after costs (this is always a gamble!), go towards our next big headwashing and spiritual bath event (the date is not set yet, but it will be sometime in May or June). These big events have run for as long as nine hours before, and it takes a while to get all the supplies and materials together, so I’m starting now.

A photo taken at the mountain a couple of years ago.

ETA: I’ll post your initials here so you know I got your raffle purchase, instead of struggling with this lousy email issue.

L.G. (you should have gotten a refund for the glitch where it charged you shipping?)

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