email problems / contact update

The good news is that, after many more hours on the phone and scouring forums, I can now receive email at my  bellsouth address, on my desktop, where the proper filters, filing, and notification apply. 

The bad news is that any email sent to me between 15 March and tonight, which was stored on my webmail until a few minutes ago, appears to have been eaten by gremlins.  It’s no longer on the webmail yet is not on my desktop either.  Also, I still cannot *send* email from my bellsouth address, but at least if you write I will now see the message. (weeps)

It’s probably still a good idea to contact me through ebay for product questions and through this blog for more general questions just in case things go belly up again.  If you’ve been waiting to hear from me over the past week, I really appreciate your patience – this has been a horribly trying tech problem at a very busy time and I apologize if I’ve been slow to respond – rest assured that I have raised immortal hell over this, and for every ounce of your frustration there has likely been a liter of my own 🙂

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