upcoming (short) trip to the “back 40” for supplies

The "back 40" is really only five acres – and whatever the ‘neighbors’ let me forage and wander on (which is often considerable tracts) – but anyway, I’m heading to Alabama for a weekend early next month, where I’m told the following will be ready for me to pick up and/or finish up to replenish my stocks:

  • red brick dust
  • chicken feet
  • black cat bones, definitely some leg bones and vertebra, not sure about the tail yet, def. not a complete skeleton (they aren’t bleached white yet)
  • snake sheds (nothing poisonous this time, at least not so far)
  • various feathers, not sure what all
  • a few diff. kinds of animal teeth, please inquire
  • dried pomegranates (having some stained and waxed, others left natural for powder and oil use)
  • dried poppy pods (I’m having them gilded with gold leaf and waxed, so I have no idea what use they would be for traditional hoodooists, but I have plans to use some in shadow boxes – they’re gorgeous)
  • red ant nest dirt
  • a few salt cured domestic lizards
  • various bug bodies, mostly spider, a few dragonfly, some yellowjacket, none in collector shape
  • a few rare vintage holy medals, not sure what all yet, probably not for individual sale but I’ll post if I get something truly awesome

I have another lead on another frizzly rooster, but it’s the next state over, and, if it’s anything like last time, won’t be worth the drive.  We’ll see if I have time.

If you have your heart set on any of this, let me know and I can probably save some out for you.  My email appears to be working now, after more hours with tech support and forums than I care to even recall — both sending and receiving, though I’m not at all sure that I have gotten every message sent between the 15th and yesterday.

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