store “vacation” dates



Hello, folks!

This is one of the busiest times of year for me due to several events and obligations that cluster over the next ten or so days. 

As of this morning, I am putting the ebay store on vacation so that I have time to get all my in-house orders shipped before I go out of town on May 5.

Ebay does put up a little sign for you when you put your store on vacation, but it’s little, and I can’t tell you the number of times people have ordered from me when the store’s been on vacation and just not seen it.  So this is by way of a heads up 🙂

No, this doesn’t mean I’m actually gone.  It just means I can’t answer long, involved emails, ship any very large new orders, or start any new altar work before I get back home on May 10th. I"m not out of town yet, but my time from now until I am will be spent *away* from the terminal working on the orders that have already been placed.

If you have an order in with me as of April 27, it will go out according to the shipping time you were informed of at purchase (normally 7-10 days for ebay orders, whatever we talked about for custom, very large, or international orders).  If you place an order on April 28 or later, it will go out as soon as possible upon my return.

And hope you all have a Happy May!

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