suppliers and workers you should know

I just wanted to drop a line to let you guys know where *I* buy the spiritual supplies that I don’t make or gather myself.

For hard to find roots and herbs, I don’t buy from just anybody.  I use a hell of a lot of Master Root and Devil’s Shoe String in my altar work, for myself, my friends and family, and my clients.  When I’m running low, I buy from knowledgeable and trustworthy suppliers who are also hoodoo practitioners, so I know I can always trust the products I’m getting.  Of course cat at Lucky Mojo has some of the most extensive selections on the web, but I figure everybody knows about Lucky Mojo. But you might not know about Black Cat Root Shack.

Lara over at Black Cat Root Shack is a dear.  Apparently this suprises some people, but many readers and rootworkers get other readers and rootworkers to help them sometimes, either to read or do altar work for them, or to back up their own work, and often to get consults on tricky situations.  For instance, I had a huge writing deadline a couple of months ago, and the Spirit of Writing candle I had on my writing altar was burning black (the inside of the glass from the top down to where it was still burning was completely black and opaque). This is never a good sign, and I was beginning to get in my own way with the work, and step on my own feet, because I was too close to my own situation – I thought it was time to get some help to be sure I was seeing the case clearly.  I called on Lara to do some light setting work for me, and she came through with kindness, clarity, and good mojo, and the reading she gave me on the burning process helped me see my own situation more clearly (I won’t bore you guys with the details, but I have long-standing habit of exacerbating my own writer’s block by freaking out more than is necessary). 

Long story short, I not only finished the work, but I did a damned good job on it, and even though the writing process was very painful, the end result is that the piece I finished ended up enhancing my reputation as a writer with somebody whose opinion on these things matters.  Black Cat Root Shack also has an ebay store.

Also, I have known Julia at A Higher Source for some time now, and know her to be a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and ethical worker who makes lovely items – I have several of her custom amulets in and around my home and altar space, and they are a constant source of delight (as well as mojo!) for me.  What I didn’t know until recently is how fine her selection of lodestones is. She takes special care to hand select her lodestone pairs, and she does a truly outstanding job of this task, which is time consuming.  She also responds and ships quickly, and damn her website is pretty to look at.  According to her blog here on livejournal, she’s closed right now, but should be back in action later this month; you should definitely bookmark her site and pay her a visit when you need high quality spiritual supplies, from lodestones to oils to amulets, or spiritual work.

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