cat bones and black cat bone oil

The bad news: I’m running out of cat bones and not sure when I’m getting more.  One of my more frequent sources dried up last year and it’s been hard going.  I have a few in the ground right now and my fingers are crossed for summer, but we’ll see.

The good news: this got me thinking.  Why is my Black Cat Bone oil so expensive? Because of the herbs and curios in it, including a chip of genuine black cat bone among other curios, herbs, and minerals that make for a pricier bottle of oil.  But when you use the oil up, the bottle still has all those herbs and curios and minerals in it. So why not sell a refill bottle of oil that contains just the hand-blended essential oils? That way when people run out, they can get a refill to add to their empty bottles instead of having to go buy a whole new bottle when the cat bone and other good stuff in there is still perfectly good.  I mean, those cat bones aren’t going anywhere.

So yeah. That’s what I’ve done.  You can get an oil refill, containing no herbs or bones – only the blended essential oil – to add to your empty bottle of Black Cat Bone oil should you ever want to do such a thing.  And at a fraction of the price of the original bottle.

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