store “vacation” dates: June 2-June 9

I have to travel to Alabama soon, and I’m putting the ebay store on vacation as of now so that I can get the current orders that are in-house processed before I leave.  I will begin processing any orders placed after 3 p.m. EST on June 2 as quickly as possible upon my return. 

To repeat: any order placed after 3 pm. EST today (june 2) will not be received and will not begin processing until my store is reopened.  I don’t know when it will be open again – no later than the 9th, most likely, but that depends on when I can leave town. And I won’t leave town until the orders in-house are filled and shipped.  eBay puts a yellow "flag" notice as well as a "vacation message" on main store pages as well as on each individual listing’s page, but people very often do not see these notices because they are not very large, and not nearly bright enough in my opinion, and anyway I want to give my readers a heads up 🙂

Due to several large international orders and a slew of reading orders that came all at once, as well as an unusual number of requests for custom items that came all at once, I have had a very hard time getting caught up after my last store "vacation" and staying caught up once I got the "placed during vacation" orders sent out.  I very much appreciate your patience and your understanding as I work to provide you with the personal attention that is the hallmark of Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies.  I cannot work any faster than I’m working. 

I hope to implement a few changes over the summer that will ultimately result in a faster processing time and less failure of my automated communications stuff (payment receipt notifications and shipping notifications), but right now I’m just doing the best I can. When I have to sacrifice personal attention and good old-fashioned preparation techniques for the sort of shipping speeds that ebay (and many ebay buyers) think ought to be the default, no matter what the item, I’ll just close the darned ebay store.  Until that day comes, I have to say that I’m delighted with the overwhelming majority of my customers and so pleased that they like my products and understand that they’re made the old-school way.  You guys are awesome.

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