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I am back from my trip out of town.  I got in very late and it will take me all day tomorrow to catch up on email (and that might be overly optimistic, given my other obligations).  

Part of what I will be doing in the next few days, in addition to catching up on email and ebay orders and correspondence and ongoing altar work reports, is to sit down and have a long think about whether I want to offer custom work on ebay anymore.  I am tending to think No.  It’s been biting me in the ass lately, and as long as ebay’s rating system and DSRs are as they are, my nuts are in a vise, pardon my French.  Custom work takes time, and multiple custom orders in a single order takes more time.  It’s a risky thing to do on ebay, and I think I will be stopping.  That means no more candles, no more mojo bags, no more pendants, no more candle burning on ebay, if the pros and cons line up like I anticipate.   I would still offer them via my website, which should finally be appearing in its new and improved version pretty soon (another thing that has kept me busy lately), but I am thinking that their days on ebay are numbered.  But we’ll see.

Along the same lines, I am supposed to be putting the ebay store off "vacation" as of midnight tonight, and I will in just a minute here, but I think I am going to be open for tomorrow only and then put it back on vacation.  I have some decisions to make about it, and some listing specifics to change, and some catching up to do.  Frankly, I never expected it to do as well as it has – my short term goal was for it to support itself, and as it’s grown so has the investment in time I have to put into it. I don’t want to stop offering free short email consultations, but the volume of email I get and have to answer via ebay has grown in leaps and bounds over the past year especially, and as this is not and probably never will be my full time job, and as I have recently begun taking on more clients for altar-work, I have some decisions to make about the direction and future of the ebay store.  I have commited to, and want to keep on, answering email inquiries about product usage and spellwork sources.  But I get so many emails every day now that I can’t even take a weekend off without spending a full, entire, 10+ hour Monday answering emails after I do. Every business owner faces these sorts of turning points as their business grows.  I am making public some of what I’m facing, because it affects my customers and clients, and because I care about what y’all think, so if you have a thought while reading this, feel free to share it and I will take it into consideration.  If it’s mean and nasty, I’ll feel free to delete it 🙂

One of the reasons this has become a bigger issue lately is because, while I have always been kept running by the ebay store, particularly because I like to do consulting about my products for anybody with a question, lately I have been more busy than usual.  One of the reasons I’ve been more busy than usual is because I’ve spent the last several months investing time and effort into a new endeavor that I think is going to be a big deal for the 21st century hoodoo community.

The Good News:

This endeavor is called AIRR: the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers.  A bunch of folks have been busting their asses since January to get this site started, and it has officially launched as of June 6, 2009.  Go visit and have a look-see!  A separate post on this is forthcoming.

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