A collection of items of interest:

* The ebay store is still on vacation – the invisible kind. I think it will stay that way ’til after 4th of July.  I have to go out of town for the long weekend, so it would only be open a couple of days next week anyway, and I would rather not have orders and emails hanging over my head waiting for my return when I get back.  I have to take care of the customers and clients I’ve already got before I go trying to help new ones, and this past week or so has taught me a little bit about "biting off more than you can chew."  I will be reexamining my portions over the coming weeks.

* The long-awaited (well, by me anyway) updates of the website have begun!  Take a look at the new, improved KarmaZain.com and let me know what you think.  It’s still under construction, but this should give you an idea of the changes we’ve been hammering out and are continuing to work on.  Eventually, all oils, powders, baths, and other always-in-stock things will be available there, and I expect the ebay store will start to focus more on one-of-a-kind or limited run pieces.

* Karma Zain is now on facebook, as "Karma Zain."  Drop by and say hello!

* A reminder that if you need more than a quick answer to "what oil do you recommend for my upcoming court case" or whatever, I now offer very inexpensive consultations so that you don’t have to purchase a full reading to get a more in-depth response than I’m able to give via the ebay messaging platform or via email.  You can access the form to order a consultation on my page at AIRR here, or via the website here (find the button under the "Consultations" heading). 

You may still always inquire via direct email or in the comments of this blog if you have a question, but I started offering this option because the volume of my emails has nearly tripled over the last few months, and I simply can’t stay on top of all the communication that I receive and still take care of my paying customers and clients.  This sort of thing isn’t a money-making activity for me – in fact, if you purchase a consultation and then go on to order products from my website based on that consultation, I’ll credit your invoice the amount you paid for the consult – but a way to help me protect myself from people who ask for hours of my time and then go off into the distance never to be heard from again.  I do have to pay the electric bill 🙂 and I do have an obligation NOT to exhaust myself to the point of illness, and so I’m having to draw a few new lines these days.  Consultation fees will *not* be applied to ebay orders, sorry; direct website orders only.

* As I’ve written about a few times lately, never mind in the above paragraph, I am  having to turn away a good bit of work lately.  But remember that we live in an exciting and blessed time for hoodoo and conjure – there are some tireless folks out there doing their best to educate and write articles and share their knowledge and skills, and the internet has really done a lot to make this possible and to help people form networks.  Some of these good folks can be found in links list to the right of my journal settings, some can be found on my userinfo page, and some can be found at AIRR, the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers.  If I can’t help you, or can’t help you in the timeframe you need, you have some trusted resources, readers, and rootworkers right here.

* I am so grateful to you guys for your patience and well-wishes for the recovery of my back this past week!  I sure do appreciate both.

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