hello dears

I *believe* I am caught up on all correspondence, both direct to my email account and in ebay; however, I recently discovered that bellsouth’s new and improved (cough) changes have sent some stuff that was not spam straight to a spam folder, which I have to use webmail to access, and it was set to delete after a while.  I think I have fixed that now though, so now I should get my email (they sent my POWER BILL to my spam folder), spam and all.

If you have written me longer than 48 hours ago and you have not heard back from me, please resend.  I may not have gotten it.  If I am doing altar work for you, and you haven’t gotten your report and photos yet, please let me know.  I sent out a bunch of photo-heavy emails the past few days, and some people’s email accounts don’t like those.

If you live in Ohio, your photos are coming soon, and if you have recently had a light set, just give me a few more days. But all other altar work updates and pics should have gone out.  If you live in Santa Barbara, I’m working on your reply and hope to finish it tonight.

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