guinea pigs needed [ETA: all gone! thanks!]

I’ve been working on bar soaps for a while, off and on – mostly off because 1. they are a bigger pain in the ass than candles, 2. they’re easier to screw up, 3. the screwups can be really expensive, and 4. I don’t have anywhere to store a bunch of soap while it cures.

I have a few formulas that I think are ready for the testing-by-other-people stage, or will be in about a week.  They’re not pretty yet – I’m not worried about color or classy molds/shapes or perfectly shaped bars at this stage, but am still hammering out the formulas and amounts of herbs.  So if you are willing to try out an ugly bar of soap and give me some feedback on it, hoodoo-wise and skin-wise, leave me a message with your shipping address.  All comments will be screened so nobody but me will see your mailing addy.

Yes, I will ship to international testers (first class only).

Here is what is available, first-come, first-served: [ETA: I have put the initials of the folks who are in line for these and edited the number available to reflect volunteers already assigned]

La Sirene – 4 bars 2 bars all gone


Uncrossing – 4 bars 1 bar all gone


a Follow Me/Attraction formula, suitable for anybody of any gender, that I don’t have a name for yet – 6 4 2 bars all gone


Yes, you can test more than one, but not more than one bar of each, please.  Feedback of "love it" or "hate it" is ok, but something a little more substantial would be nice 🙂 (ie, too gritty b/c of the herbs, too much patchouli, neighborhood dogs follow me after I bathe in it, just won the lottery (ha!), whatever).

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