Dear folks who buy on ebay,

If you have rated me a 3 or 4 on shipping time, please do not ever order from me again

My handling time is clearly stated in several places throughout my store, including each individual item listing.  If you don’t like it, don’t agree to it by pushing the buy button.  Because when you push the buy button, you get what I posted – you get the listed item, you get the personal attention, and you get the one week handling time.  I ship non-custom orders within five business days, and for gods’ sake, if you order at 5 pm on Friday, Friday doesn’t count.

I don’t expect everybody to stay on top of ebay’s insane policies regarding DSRs and the like, and if you don’t read my explanations then you can’t know how 3s and 4s drive sellers out of business.  Fine, you don’t need to know.  But stay away from my ebay store, please.

Though you might find that if you look for the kind of individual attention and handcrafted quality my items have from somebody who has been doing this for more than a couple of years, you’re not going to get any 48 hour turnaround from them either.

Sorry to you guys that have no idea what this is about, and I’m sorry I’m probably preaching to the choir and treating y’all to my anger when you don’t deserve it.  But I am angry.  Well, honestly, I guess I’m upset.  Ok, a combo. Anyway, as a result of several recent developments, I will be raising my prices on many stock items at the ebay store (my fees just went through the roof), and will be cutting back on my inventory of items that I cannot ship right away (hint: I will not ship your oil right away, because I don’t make it until you order it.  I will ship your saints medal right away, because it can’t go bad if it sits on a shelf for a while).

The good news for those  of you who aren’t on my shit list is that the website, while not pretty, now has functional shopping cart, and you can buy virtually any oil I make there (with the exception of Black Cat Bone oil – it won’t always be in stock, and I have to work on that issue with my designer).  Powders and bath salts are coming soon.  If it’s not already less expensive than ebay, it will be soon.

I’ve been covered up with custom work and altar work, so I"m behind on substantive posts with real, interesting hoodoo stuff in them, and I apologize for that.  I have a list of "questions sent by customers and clients" three miles long, so I’ll be getting around to answering some of them pretty soon.

Don’t forget that if you have a general question or point of curiosity, you can ask me here in a comment, or you can email me at karmazain at  I’ll get to it as time permits.  If you have a question about a product or service *that is offered on ebay and you intend to shop via ebay, you need to communicate with me on ebay about it, via their messaging system.*  If you have something that falls into any other category, please write me at my gmail address.  I am trying to get all customer and client communication that is not ebay-specific routed through the gmail account, as the old bellsouth account just EATS EMAILS.

Finally, don’t forget to go visit me on facebook, where I post photos every once in a while, as well as blurbs about neat stuff I found.  I also introduce the various members of AIRR – and we’ll have some new ones to introduce soon, too!

I was going to post something about St. Augustine given it’s his feast day and all, but I am really too tired.  And frankly pissed off.  So maybe some other time.

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