september coupon code

Dear readers,

For those of you who are still welcome to shop at my ebay store, here’s a coupon code: from now until midnight (my time) on Labor Day, Sep. 7, get 10% off any purchase.  Here are the steps to take to redeem this coupon:

Make your purchases.
Hit the "Pay Now" button.
Choose "Request Total from Seller" instead of "Pay Now."
In the comment box towards the bottom of the screen, type the coupon code SEP10%.
Hit "send" or whatever it says.

I will receive the message and I will manually adjust your invoice to reflect the discount.

If you pay before you give me a chance to manually adjust the invoice, you are out of luck, so make sure you request and wait for an adjusted invoice.

Sorry, my website isn’t set up to handle this – it’s all automated shopping cart stuff – but remember that if you want something that is not yet listed on the website, just send me a list of what you want, and I’ll send you an invoice.  

This offer is NOT retroactive.

Much love (if you don’t suck),

Karma Zain

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