ebay and website changes

Hey guys,

As I’ve vented about a few time, ebay is making yet more changes to the standards they’re holding sellers to.  I’m not going to repeat myself on any of that here, except to note again that their policies are horrible to small sellers, who they appear to want to drive out.

Their changes are resulting in changes that affect you guys though, so here are a few that have happened or are happening shortly.

For a while, I listened to ebay when they discouraged us from taking money orders, and I told several new inquirers that I would no longer accept them.  I’ve recently rethought that.  I am not allowed to say that  I will accept money orders as payment for items on ebay, but I can answer "yes" if a buyer raises the issue and asks to pay with one. 

Change: I will accept a money order as payment on ebay, as of now.  You just have to ask.  I cannot offer unless you ask.

Also, I now have the majority of hoodoo oils, voodoo and specialty oils, powders, and salts available on the website (at prices lower than on ebay, too).  Right now the only automated payment option is paypal, and the only automated shipping configuration is domestic (U.S.).  But if you are an international customer, and/or a customer who prefers to pay with a money order, you may still shop at the website.  Just contact me and tell me what you want. I will create an invoice for you, either directly within paypal or line by line in Excel to send to your email account if you prefer to mail payment. 

The site is still under construction, but my graphics person and coding person have been working on translating all my gibberish into computerese, and their work is making the site look better every day.  And we’re continuing to work.  One of the areas where prices on the site have gone up instead of down is the fee for consultations.  They are now $15 for email consultations, and I am still not doing phone consultations without prior appointments (and prior appointments are booked with prepayment.  I do not talk on the phone unless 1. an appointment has been made, and 2. the consultation fee has been paid.  Consultation fees for phone consultations start at $30 and there is a very long waiting list.   A $10 or $15 consultation fee is for an email consultation).

The consultation fee has not yet been updated at AIRR, though, and I don’t know when it might be, as a little thing like that is rightfully at the bottom of the web folks’ priority list.  So if you want a consultation, you actually want to book one through my AIRR link right now, as it still says $10. *

Now, if I could just get a weekend away from editing my ebay listings, which I have been doing constantly for the last seven months to keep in line with every single one of their changes, I might actually be able to post some hoodoo-related content here for a change. Wow, what a novelty?

So finally, on that note, guys – don’t be afraid to post questions here at the blog, or even email me directly to suggest a post or article you’d like to see.  And don’t be afraid to remind me if you asked one a while ago and I haven’t gotten to it – I can’t promise I will anytime soon, but I"d like to try, and there really isn’t a central collecting place for them given all the sites, email addresses, and social networking things.   I get tons of questions in private email, and I just plain cannot answer them all.  It’s not humanly possible.  But when I can, I try to answer some frequently asked ones here.  Now, about a third of my questions are "how do you use this condition oil," to which I answer, "rub it on something," ** and "can you give me a spell for…." to which I answer, "no."   But I get some really good ones, some really interesting ones, and even some stumpers sometimes, in addition to the really infuriating ones ("you’re going to hell, why are you in league with the devil?" to which I answer, "You are strange, pushy, and obnoxious. Go away") and the really asinine ones ("burying a saint’s statue is a sacrilegeous heathen invention and you should be ashamed," to which I answer, "Wow, you don’t really know *anything* about the history of your own religion, do you?").  I’d like to answer the good, interesting, and even confusing questions here.  So don’t be afraid to ask.***

Coming up hopefully tomorrow, if I have time: some questions that were asked ages ago in the comments here, involving medieval religious flower symbolism.

* See?  I love y’all. I’m not trying to rip anybody off or yell at people for the joy of yelling.  I hate yelling.  I am, after all, a Libra under all this Taurus rising and Scorpio moon (ahem)…. and I LOVE doing this work.  If I could find a way to get off ebay I’d even *like* the work.  Hell, I have a 6th house stellium from hell.  I’d go insane if I didn’t work and if that "work" didn’t have something to do with "service."  On that note, don’t forget the shipping discount code good through Labor Day (see previous post).

** Really, some folks want to make this harder than it has to be.  You don’t need instructions for a candle.  I mean, I could write them, but they’d be like shampoo instructions, which you don’t really need either.  "Dress.  Light.  Repeat as necessary."  Just light the darned thing and don’t leave it burning unattended.  What chants you say, how you decorate your altar, what day you do it on, what moon phase, all those little details?  They’re up to you.  Feel free to run your ideas by me and I’ll holler if I think you’re about to break something, and let you know if you’re making a deviation from hoodoo tradition, but I’m not going to dictate to you how to conduct your personal altar working.  Take a deep breath, do some research, and go forth and do spellwork.  You are probably not going to goofer yourself or hotfoot your dog, really.  Need guidance?  Hint: bring me an idea about how to do the work, and ask me for my opinion on your idea. That will get a much quicker and much more cheerful response than an email asking for a spell from "scratch."  I don’t mean it’s a free for all, but I do mean that a LOT OF PEOPLE MAKE IT HARDER THAN IT HAS TO BE.  Also: more is not necessarily better or stronger. But that’s another post, I think, all its own.

*** Just please don’t take it personally if I can’t answer every single question you have about hoodoo in a private email.  It doesn’t mean I don’t love you, and it doesn’t mean I think you’re an idiot.  It just means I’m only human and there are still only 24 hours in a day.

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