local weather

Hi guys!

Weather here in the Atlanta area has been monstrous lately.  It’s been raining with intermittent thunderstorms for over a week solid and it’s supposed to keep raining.  We’re not talking drizzles, folks.  Many local schools are closed, neighborhoods and streets are flooded, boil-water advisories and water pressure problems are everywhere, storm drains are blocked, several people are dead, and several more are missing due to floods.  Transportation is a nightmare, internet service is sketchy, and power outages are frequent.

What this means for you:

For starters, if you could spare a prayer or good wish for the missing people and their families, that would be great.  This has been a truly awful couple of days.

If you’re waiting on communication from me, please know that I’m slower than usual lately.  Not only do I have two readings and seven consultations in line right now, I also haven’t been able to be online as much lately due to internet service and power issues.  Some roads are horrible to travel (like the one to the post office), and some ingredients are difficult to gather (one of you has been waiting two weeks for me to gather some graveyard dirt).  

SO both communication and shipping are a little slower than usual right now.  I appreciate your patience with me, and I hope to get caught up as soon as possible.

Happy hoodooing,


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