Thanks to my wonderful ebay customers…

Thanks to you guys, eBay has just given me another little icon thingie, something they call Top Rated Seller status.  Near as I can tell, it has to do with DRSs and feedback, and possibly sales volume as well.  And near as I can tell, I can lose it pretty easily just like it’s easy to lose Power Seller status and discounts if you get even one or two less-than-five-star ratings for DSRs. Since I custom make and/or custom finish nearly all my items, somebody is always dinging me on shipping time; that is not going to change.

But carpe diem, right?  For as long as I have this little icon thingie, it looks like they will give me a slight break on fees and boost my listings in searches. Well, I certainly didn’t get this by myself – I can make good stuff and answer questions all day long, but if nobody’s buying it, it’s all in vain.  This is thanks to you guys. So if you have purchased from me on ebay before, EVER*, then please feel free to take advantage of this offer:

Free first class shipping on all oils and powders ordered through ebay. Yes, this includes overseas shipments.  This offer is good now through October 5.  Does not include candles, bulky things, or heavy things, but if you get one bulky or heavy thing and some powders or oils, I will charge shipping for the the bulky/heavy thing and no additional amount for the other things.

In order to take advantage of this offer, you have to make your purchases through ebay, and then when you’re done, you have to request a combined invoice.  In the message box on that "request invoice" page, mention that you want the free shipping offer.  I will then manually adjust the shipping fee and send you the adjusted invoice.  I can’t go back and adjust invoices that are already paid, so it’s not retroactive and if you don’t request an invoice before paying, then you’re out of luck.

So thank you very much, darling eBay customers, and let’s enjoy this little discount while it lasts, because it could be gone tomorrow, just like my Top Seller status 🙂

*If you have purchased from me on ebay before, and you have left me neutral feedback or less than five stars on a DSR, and you take advantage of this offer, then I probably won’t stop you and may not even notice if this suddenly makes me very busy. But just know that if you have left me neutral feedback or less than five stars and you take advantage of this offer, you are a hypocrite, because my point here is to say thanks to folks who got me a neat little icon.  If you don’t know what the big deal is about less-than-five-star DSRs, leave a comment and I will point you to any one of the numerous educational posts I have made about eBay’s new, confusing, misleading, and draconian DSR system.

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