how much spellwork is too much?

A reader asks:

Q: I’ve heard that working a few spells at around the same times would "divide" my intent and energy.. So how long would you recommend to "rest" between spells?

A: In my opinion – and this varies by person, so this is only my opinion – I think this is largely rubbish. Of course there is such a thing as spreading yourself too thin, or of not seeing the forest for the trees and worrying small things to death when you could be working on the larger things. And of course it will depend on your own knowledge of where your limits are. But in general, as long as you’re not losing sight of "the big picture" of your life and you’re not getting obsessive/compulsive about working magic to where it’s interfering with your ability to deal with issues in other ways, I don’t think there’s any particular need to "rest" between spells just for the sake of resting.    I mean, hoodoo is very, very practical. And it developed in a culture in which there isn’t a big divide, as there is in Wicca and Ceremonial Magick, between "high" and "low" magic.  It’s designed to solve problems. And in real life, people’s attention *is* divided, every day.  You spend some time on one thing and some time on another and you keep all your plates in the air.  The idea that magic or spellwork energy is finite seems a terribly limiting one to me that doesn’t make much sense in the context of root-and-herb-based folk magic.  YMMV.

[on the need to wait an interval between doing a honey jar on a lover and also doing a mojo bag – would you need to wait between doing these things?]

A: Absolutely not. They’re all smaller components of one larger, long-term work, in my opinion – the relationship.  Practitioners often keep honey jar spells going for months or years, so you can imagine that the idea of "taking a break" between spells doesn’t mesh with honey jar traditions. The honey jar is a central and long term part of a work that you might add specific things to over the course of time.

There’s no need at all to "take a break" between doing a honey jar and a mojo bag on the same situation.  I think it’s true that there is such a thing as "overdoing it" when it comes to work, esp. with relationships/love, in that it can be dangerous to keep throwing magic at something without giving what you already have going time to work.  It’s a danger when people get impatient and decide that if one spell is good, five is better, or if three herbs are good, thirty herbs are better.  However, I do not think that a honey jar and a mojo together is too much.

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