Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies will be closed Nov 20-Nov 30

Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies will be closed from Nov 24-Nov 30 Nov 20-Nov 30. If you need lights set or any other work done very soon, the order needs to be put in by 9 am Nov 19, Eastern time. Otherwise, I will begin it when I return. I will NOT start new light settings or altar work that spans more than a day if the order is put in after 9 am Nov 19.

If you already have an order in, it will go out before I leave town next week.

If you have been waiting on an email or candle report from me, I am scurrying to get caught up. I officially had my Busiest Week Yet over the last seven days, and my bad back picked this week to start bothering me again. I am still filling orders and doing work – the standing is not the problem. The sitting for a while is a problem. So the typing is a little slower than usual. But I promise i have not forgotten about your candle reports or consultations.

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