auctions are still up even though the store is closed

Several auctions to keep you guys busy while the store is closed 🙂

New Orleans Voodoo Dr. John rosary necklace

St. Benedict rosary bracelet with rattlesnake vertebrae

St. Benedict rosary necklace and matching earrings

Virgin Mary rosary necklace with crystal beads and vintage medals

St. Peter’s Keys necklace – road opening and success

Virgin Mary necklace with vintage medal

Virgin Mary necklace – glass and vintage medal

Erzulie Dantor charm bracelet

Guardian Angel necklace with leather, vintage cross, medal

Erzulie Dantor scapular

I hardly ever post auctions, but I want to see how these vintage medal pieces do, because if there is interest, I am considering a small line of vintage and antique reproduction jewelry pieces in sterling silver, with sterling and cast bronze findings, sterling split jump rings and clasps, sterling chain, etc. I hate to make the investment and have higher-end pieces not sell, but I have had some great ideas (at least I think they’re great!) for a while and am really itching to try them. So with these auctions, I may be able to get some idea of how such pieces centered on vintage and antique saints’ medals will do before I make a huge investment in the precious metals and saints’ medals I would need for this line. Then again, since the auctions are largely not precious metal-based, they may not tell me a darned thing about how such a line would do. Well, we’ll see!

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