closing Friday; shipping offer; reminders

I seem to do this every time I have a vacation date coming, but here we go again:

I was set to close on the 20th for the holidays, but that’s going to mean my entire Christmas week will be spent in front of the computer and in the art room packing orders. So I’d rather have an all-work-and-no-fun weekend and have a chance at actually getting a few days off when I’m on "vacation" (heavy scare quotes).

So I’m going to put the ebay store on vacation as of Friday. Any orders put in *and paid for* before the closure will ship before I go out of town (excluding things with very long handling times like custom pakets). Otherwise, you have to wait until I reopen on the 6th of January. I am not going out of town right away, but emails on new issues that are sent after the 22nd will get an automated "vacation" response.

But what I’ll do by way of apology is offer free first-class shipping (within the US)* on any eBay orders eligible for first-class shipping, and a reduced rate for any orders that are not eligible for first-class shipping (you pay a MAXIMUM of $5 for priority shipping in that case).

Just request a combined invoice *Before Paying* and, in the comment box on your request, mention you want the December shipping offer. I’ll adjust the shipping fee on the invoice.

Not retroactive. Do NOT pay first and THEN ask for a shipping adjustment. You have to wait for the invoice. (Somebody does this every single time, seriously).

Recap: ebay items eligible for first-class shipping will ship for FREE to the US. Items eligible for Priority shipping will ship for $5 max.

* International customers: if you have a small, light order, you can ask for free first-class shipping too. This would be pretty much limited to jewelry, powders, and maybe a few bottles of oil. Once we get into more than a few bottles, it’s not really safe to ship them in a padded envelope anymore.


And some reminders and maintenance stuff:

  • I am not taking new clients for new altar work, consultations, or readings until the end of January, exact date TBD. I have some major deadlines coming up, a couple of heavy-duty, time-intensive client cases right now, and some major other things going on and besides – a burnt-out and bitchy Karma Zain is not on anybody’s Christmas Wish List. i will handle light-setting requests and mojo bags for new clients in January, but that’s it. (If we have already worked together on a situation of yours, you are not a new client, though I may refer you to someone else for very complicated or time-sensitive work you need in January).
  • There’s a new FAQ up on the website to answer common questions about shipping, communication, and reading turnaround times.
  • If you have a question about an ebay item or issue, DO NOT EMAIL ME OFF EBAY without prior approval. I could list the numerous reasons why, but the one that is most pertinent to you is that emailing me off eBay increases the chances that I will mess up your order after I go to two websites and three email accounts to make sure I have gathered all the pertinent details in one place. There are other reasons (including the fact that the email address associated with my eBay account is NOT checked by ME, and I can’t change it to my current client contact addy because of one of eBay’s arcane rules). But the bottom line is please, please, please dont’ email me off eBay for eBay issues.
  • AIRR has a new page at facebook (to replace the former Group settings). Drop by and become a fan to get the scoop on our members, get an inside look at some rootworkers’ altar spaces and shops, and get to know your favorite readers and rootworkers better.

And last but not least, thanks for making 2009 a great, memorable, and educational year for me personally and for the shop.

So Happy Holidays to all you happy hoodooers, and y’all all have a safe New Years! Don’t forget the black-eyed-peas!

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