Reason # 46 why I don’t take reconciliation cases

The nutjob ratio is much higher among clients seeking reconciliation than among any other grouping of clients by standard petition-type.

Here is a good example: a woman didn’t like what her reader told her about her chances for getting back with her ex, so she stabbed her and her daughter to death.

No, I am NOT saying all reconciliation-seekers are nutjobs.  And obviously this woman had some issues other than the fact that she had an unhappy love life.  (And obviously calling this woman a "nutjob" is a little mild.)  But thwarted passion and obsession often bleed over into each other and make good bedfellows.  This is an extreme case – but I see its milder cousins (and nieces and nephews) all the time.  Reconciliation is nearly the most-frequently-requested type of work, and it’s the type I most frequently decline.  Otherwise sane, friendly, and rational people can act completely irrational when it comes to passion – throw in some drama and tragedy, add a little unrequited feeling, toss with the Bearer of Bad News – recipe for a nasty mixture indeed.

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